Cyber Crime

BBC World News and BBC News (6 x 30 mins)

2014 winner of RTS Scotland best Current Affairs

Technologist Ben Hammersley explores the dark side of the internet, travelling the globe to reveal the biggest cybercrime stories in history.

We have adapted to the online world with incredible speed but criminals have adapted too. Scam emails fill up your inbox. Your credit card details are under threat from hackers. Drugs and guns can be bought anonymously on the darknet and governments have the ability to spy on their citizens or launch cyber war at the push of a button.

From online drugs marketplace the Silk Road to Stuxnet, the world’s first cyber weapon, Ben meets the men and women tasked with countering cyber attacks and hacks. Challenging convention with his forthright views, Ben’s journeys in the murky world of cyber crimes will help also inform what you can do to best protect yourself online.