David Wilson's Crime Files

BBC (10 x 60 mins)

In this 10-part BBC series, eminent criminologist Professor David Wilson hosts an innovative discussion show exploring Scottish Crimes, joined by investigative journalist Fiona Walker.

Each episode conducts an in-depth investigation into both historic and contemporary criminal cases, including the Glasgow Razor Gangs’ reign of terror in the 1930s, the infamous trial of serial killer Peter Manuel and the extraordinary jewel heist caught on mobile phones...

Covering a range of themes - from the evolution of forensics to criminal psychology - the series also features in-depth and revealing interviews with the professionals who combat crime: the top lawyers, the pathologists, the front-line cops as well as some of the nation's most notorious crooks.

Ep 1: Serial Killers

Ep 2: Heists

Ep 3: Crime & Poverty

Ep 4: Gangs

Ep 5: Miscarriages of Justice

Ep 6: Disposal of the Body

Ep 7: Forensics

Ep 8: Double Life

Ep 9: Crimes of Passion

Ep 10: Prisons