Scotland's Sacred Islands with Ben Fogle

BBC One & BBC Scotland (8 x 60 mins)


Adventurer Ben Fogle travels across some of Scotland’s most beautiful islands to explore how faith and belief took root and how that still thrives in island communities today. 

Episode 1 – Isle of the Clyde – Arran & Holy Isle

Travelling to Arran and Holy Isle, Ben Fogle learns how they’re a haven for diverse faiths and beliefs, making Jewish Challah bread and visiting a Buddhist Peace Centre.  

Episode 2 – Isles of the Sound – Islay & Jura

Ben Fogle journeys to Islay and Jura, tracing the route of 6th century Christian monks across wild seaways to discover communities going the extra mile to look out for one another. 

Episode 3 – Isles of Wind – Orkney

Ben Fogle heads for the Orkney Isles to investigate Norse Christian heritage and how they’re a place of modern pilgrimage offering a place of deep time and space to reconnect. 

Episode 4 – Isle of Mist - Skye

On the breath-taking Isle of Skye, Ben Fogle investigate how spiritual and religious power still survives in the face of so many visitors and sets off to discover sacred places. 


Adventurer Ben Fogle is on a very personal pilgrimage. Travelling across Scotland’s remotest islands, he discovers that their spiritual legacy still resonates today.

Episode 1 - Inner Hebrides
Ben Fogle explores the ancient sea roads of the Inner Hebrides. He visits Iona, the cradle of Christianity, and learns how Columba’s legacy inspires people today.

Episode 2 - Outer Hebrides
Ben Fogle explores Catholic island life and whether the physical aspect of the landscape makes it easier to make spiritual connections

Episode 3 - Northern Outer Hebrides
Ben Fogle returns to Taransay, the island he lived on for a year 20 years ago; on the Isle of Harris, he meets a Muslim bio-chemist whose move there brought him closer to God.

Episode 4 - Shetland
Travelling across the Shetlands, Ben Fogle meets people whose lives are rooted to these islands’ history and visits a tiny church with big ideas