Teacher Teacher

BBC (6 x 30 mins)

Aspiring conquerors of the chalk face - ranging from a former slaughterman to a guitarist in a punk band - are featured in a new series following would-be teachers.

Teacher Teacher tracks six of the 240 graduates at Aberdeen University over the course of their training year, observing their hopes and aspirations for the future, and facing the reality of classroom life.

They range from a 21 year old fresh-faced graduate to a 36 year old slaughterman who is financing his student year working as a pub bouncer, and include a keen horsewoman from Banchory with a passion for biology and a single mum struggling with an infant in a high rise flat in Dundee.

Made by award winning documentary maker David Peat and filmed across an entire academic year.

"If I can stop one kid from ending up in a dead end job because it didn't fulfil their potential then I'd feel I would have done a good job"

"Fear? Absolutely. It's like being a stand up comedian and having to deal with hecklers"

"I've never met a teacher who has said: 'Come on board the water's fine it's great being a teacher!?'"