The Battle of Skye Bridge

BBC Scotland (1 x 60 mins)

After centuries of Bonnie Boats speeding Over the Sea to Skye, in 1995 a new bridge was built between the island and the mainland. Privately funded, this was to be a toll bridge. Not just a toll bridge, it turned out it was the most expensive toll bridge in Europe.

The locals, however, were having none of it. The Battle of Skye Bridge tells the story of the islanders’ protests against the hated tolls, their struggles with the law, and after nearly a decade of dissent - their final, euphoric victory. This is a part of Scotland historically synonymous with rebellion, and the protests against the bridge tolls is modern chapter in that proud history.

With never seen before footage from the time, contributions from protesters and authorities alike, and explosive courtroom revelations about the legal process that is still being contested to this day.

It’s the ultimate David and Goliath story, told by those who were there, set against the stunning backdrop of Skye and the Highlands.