Bone Detectives: Britain's Buried Secrets

Channel 4 (8 x 60 mins)

Human bones can tell us so much - age, sex, height, diet, just for starters. Every week archaeologists across the UK uncover bodies. Sometimes individuals but more commonly they find groups of people buried together.

But once a skeleton has been recorded in the ground and lifted, the bones immediately begin to reveal their mysteries - opening up a secret history of Britain. Tales of battles, of misdemeanours, of disease, of tragedy or tragic accident. Stories from the past, as long buried as the bones themselves…but which, with modern scientific analysis, reveal extraordinary amounts about the location, its heritage and the provenance of the population who live there today.

In this 8 part series Tori Herridge, assisted by mortuary technician Carla Valentine and archaeologist Raksha Dave, attempts to piece together the lives behind the bones, what happened to these people and how they came to be where they were found.