Celebrity Parent SOS

Sky Real Lives HD (16 x 30 mins)

Celebrity parents with can-do attitudes battle to get Britons fending for themselves.

The world is rapidly becoming a faster, more consumer-driven place where people feel it's easier to throw money, rather than hard work, at a problem. The 'make-do-and-mend' attitude of old seems to have been consigned to the past and traditional skills such as cooking, gardening, needlework and carpentry are being forgotten. But a group of resourceful parents are determined to rectify the situation.

Sky Real Lives presents a recession-busting series which follows nine celebrity parents who, between them, have raised some of Britain's brightest and most successful talents, including Jeremy Clarkson, Sarah Beeny, Jonathan Ross, Charlotte Church and Vinnie Jones. Can they now transfer their life skills to the general public, encouraging them to be self-sufficient once more?