Britain's Heritage Heroes

BBC Two (15 x 30 mins)

In this beautiful new history format, John Craven and Jules Hudson cross the country shining a light on the extraordinary secret stories behind Britain's disappearing heritage and the people who are working tirelessly to save it. They meet the people who care, the communities battling to save a local landmark or an ancient wood and work alongside craftsmen keeping alive skills from an age long past.

Passionate about history, John and Jules are on a mission to put Britain's past very much in the present and will do so in three journeys.

5x30 The Pennines - Britain's Mountain Backbone
5x30 The Welsh borders
5x30 Pier to Pier - Swanage to Newyln

As Jules and John drive across country, a real sense of journey is established each day, and each week. The motion effect and sense that you're experiencing parts of Britain from a different perspective all work towards a visually rich journey and compelling narrative.

John and Jules will be opinionated - they will take a stand. Immersing themselves in the stories they will get their hands dirty. This series peeks behind the broken windows, the rotten wood and the crumbling bricks of our numerous disused properties. By talking to local campaigners and conservationists, using unique archive and first person testimony, immersing themselves as much as physically possible, Jules and John showcase and highlight Britain in a way it's never been seen before.

Our country's heritage is slipping away in front of us. But in this series we will see places and people we walk past every day yet never see, all of which have stories to tell about where we have come from and who we are now.