Darren McGarvey's Scotland

BBC Scotland (6 x 30 mins)

In Darren McGarvey’s Scotland, the activist and prizewinning author of "Poverty Safari" confronts the rampant rise of poverty and inequality that face one in five of us.

From the drug death crisis to domestic abuse, aspiration to crime, faith to food banks, gender inequality to ill mental health, homelessness to life expectancy, Darren sets his steely gaze on what can be done to make change.

Meeting inspirational people and those struggling, his message is clear:

The people who know best are in the communities. These are the people who have a true investment in trying to find an answer to this problem.

Ep 1 - Dundee: Drug Death Capital

Ep 2 - Edinburgh: Crime

Ep 3 - West Dunbartonshire: Worst Place to be a Woman

Ep 4 - Glasgow: Dying Young

Ep 5 - Scottish Borders: Rural Poverty & Mental Health

Ep 6 -Aberdeen: Poverty at Home