Channel 4 (10 x 30 mins), 3 series

2010 shortlisted for Broadcast Awards' Best Children's Programme

2009 winner of BAFTA Scotland Best Children's TV

2009 winner of RTS Education award in 11-16 age group

2008 winner of RTS Education award in 11-16 age group

First came KNTV Science….then KNTV Philosophy … then it was time for K&N to talk about SEX!!!!!

KNTV Sex is an alternative sex and relationship guide to sex education. Kierkegaard and Nietzsche (K&N) are two teenagers from the fictional country of Slabovia, which is the last remaining communist state in Europe. As they say themselves, "when the Iron Curtain fell, Slabovia was under it". The leader of the People's Republic of Slabovia, General Smerdeyakov, has a problem.

The birth rate in Slabovia has dropped substantially and the population of this once proud nation is decreasing at an alarming rate. In a nutshell not enough people are having sex. This does not fit in with the General's plans for global domination, as he needs a young and vibrant population to carry forward his message to the rest of the world. In an attempt to solve this crisis, the General has instructed the commissioning editors of, Kierky and Nietzsche to produce a definitive ten-part sex education TV show. If they fail punishment will be SEVERE!!!!!

KNTV mixes animation with crazy archive footage and specially shot, live action footage. This ten part, "genre bending" series explores subjects such as the Male Body, The Rules of Attraction and Sexual Fantasies. Former Cold War Spy and fugitive from justice Burgess McPhilbin will remain as K and N's resident "voice over man", and be joined by new presenting talent in the form of Professor Probious, The Svetlanas and 'Unimpressed With the West' robot interviewer Pavlov.