One Star

BBC2 (1 x 30)

One Star is an animated sitcom pilot set in the worst B&B in space.

It is the year 2050. Since the invention in 2008 of the Virgin Voyager's 'fast reliable space-coach', space tourism is booming. Humans continue to holiday further and further out into the Universe. The One Star B&B lies at the very edge of existence - at the gateway to the space wilderness known as the Universal Highlands.

Its owner Gray, an ex Scottish border farmer, is convinced that when the area is successfully developed he'll be in pole position to make his fortune. Make no mistake he wants to become very, very rich - but he's sidestepping the nagging problem that anyone who has ever dared to enter the Highlands has never returned.

He's also encumbered with the most inept rag tag band of family and alien staff to help him run the place. There's his daft in the heid brother Deek; his gothic nightmare Mother who still believes she's living on a farm in Scotland; a two headed, violently contrary Alien dogsbody (one head called Tudd, the other called Jobriath) and an evil sheep called Daisy with strange mind bending powers.

Like The Emerald Cafe in Star Wars, One Star is a place populated (each episode) by strange, exotic, sometimes dangerous, alien tourists, human travellers and 'things unknown'.

One Star. It's Scotland Jimmy but not as we know it.

One Star is written by British Animation Award winner Ian Carney. Voices by Brendon Burns; Sarah Hadland; Lewis Macleod; Greg McHugh; Gavin Mitchell and Phil Nichol. Animation by Superumami (C4's KNTV).

Supported by The National Lottery through Scottish Screen.