Spooked Ireland

Really and discovery+ (10x60 mins)

In Spooked Ireland, Podcaster and Paranormal enthusiast Vogue Williams is luring the spooked team across the pond to the Emerald Isle. With renowned American medium Chris Fleming by her side, they lead an expert paranormal team to investigate the recent spat of supernatural sightings and unexplained activity across one of the most haunted countries on earth: Ireland. By day and by night, they must explore some of this Nation’s spookiest locations. With exclusive access to locations they will try and make contact with the spirits to explain the paranormal mysteries that have been traumatising locals and visitors. To help them on their quest they have Tech Specialist Ryan O’Neill and Parapsychologist Evelyn Hollow. They will also be reaching out to local paranormal teams to help them crack these complex cases. Equipped with the latest specialist paranormal technology they’ll come face to face with long dead tortured souls who are still plaguing the living and find out why?