The Auctioneers

Channel 4 (1 x 60 mins)

Four auctioneers go head to head to win the right to sell people’s unsellable possessions and make the most money for their clients.

There have never been more ways to sell our possessions but posting online, putting an ad in a newspaper or going to a car boot sale doesn’t guarantee a sale. If you’ve tried and failed, don’t know how much something is worth or don’t’ have the time to get the best possible price for your belongings four of the nation’s super-sellers are here to help.

At their Auctioneers HQ they’ll meet people from across the UK with items they just can’t sell. They’ll compete to persuade the owners of these unsellable items that they’re the best person to sell their extraordinary, eccentric and unique possessions and then use their years of experience and extensive contacts to make the most money for those seeking their help.