The People's News NI

BBC One Northern Ireland (6 x 30 mins)

The People's News is a topical series, covering news, events and gossip - not through the official bulletins and newsreels but through the views and reactions of the people of Northern Ireland who take to their cameras to discuss this week’s burning issues.

The People’s News is entirely self-shot by people at home as they react to the weeks news, and give us insight into how their lives are working out.

A cast of families from every county review breaking news of the coronavirus crisis, sharing their funniest clips and tips to reveal all. The series will feature many of those working on the frontline from health care to farming, supermarkets to delivery drivers to give us their up-to-date and very intimate views.

However, it won’t be all doom and gloom as we celebrate new cookathons, exercise regimes, the best and worst TV and the most extraordinary global stories of the week.