Slim Chance: Fix My Family

BBC NI (6 x 30 mins)

A group of three families struggling with their weight embark on a potentially life-changing experience.

The series captures the highs and lows experienced by each family as they throw themselves into a gruelling week-long programme where experts in nutrition, health, psychotherapy and fitness help them tackle their weight issues and give them the support and guidance needed to sustain a new healthy way of life.

Nutritionist and wellbeing expert Amanda Hamilton helps the families improve their diets and advises them on how to live healthier lifestyles.

Dr Rachel Andrew specialises in child psychology and encourages the children, and their parents, to talk about how they feel about themselves, their diets, their bodies, their lifestyles and their relationships with each other.

Dr Raman Kapur, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, works with the adults to unravel just they have found themselves leading unhealthy lifestyles in the hope of discovering a new frame of mind when it comes to their future wellbeing.

Personal trainer John Coulter introduces exercise into their daily routine.

Series Producer Nicki Young says: "Shocking government health statistics show there's an obesity epidemic sweeping across Northern Ireland. In this series, Amanda Hamilton and the experts are attempting to change the lives of three families battling with their weight. The aim is to transform their hearts, minds and bodies and put them on the road to a happier, healthier and lighter life."

"The format of Slim Chance: Fix My Family aims to help the whole family but especially the children, with emphasis on empowering and educating the upcoming generation. The focus is on fun, food and the psychology of what's making us overweight. By following the progress of our volunteer families, viewers may also feel able to make simple but positive changes in their life."