The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses

UKTV Style (5 series) & BBC Scotland (1 series)

The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses is an unique television experience. It's entertaining yet informative and most importantly it has heart.

On each series ordinary Brits go to extreme lengths in a bid to conquer their health conditions - with often extraordinary results.

'Spa' is one of UKTV Style's most successful home-grown shows with three x 10 part series having been made so far as well as the spin-off, The Spa of Weight Loss for Life.

All those who have signed up for a Spa series have done so out of desperation - having tried all manner of conventional medical advice they find themselves still trapped in a cycle of suffering and shame and the Spa is often their last hope.

Underpinning each of the series is a radical new approach to health and healing espoused by detox doyenne Amanda Hamilton. She believes that, given the right conditions, the body can heal itself, be it of a weight imbalance, irritable bowel syndrome, excessive sweating, severe psoriasis etc.

'The right conditions' include the tranquil external environment of Amanda's detox retreats and a detox regime which rejuvenates each individual's internal environment - from top to toe.

For those unfamiliar with the process, a detox often proves a radical experience. It includes a liquids only juice and broth fast and a comprehensive colon cleansing regime of twice daily enemas. And because the holistic approach embraces the belief that state of mind can strongly influence state of health, to help each patient recognise and release any so-called toxic emotions, individual mind and spirit therapy sessions are also integral to the process.

For those who can confront their demons and commit to taking responsibility for their own health and well-being, the experience can be truly transformative.