The Last Resort

BBC (8 x 30 mins, 2 series)

The Last Resort is a cutting edge retreat where six people suffering from extreme modern lifestyle addictions must confront their demons before it's too late. With problems ranging from binge eating to extreme cleaning, can the work of three world-class experts help these addicts transform their lives in just 9 days?

Based in a stunning stately home, a clinical psychologist, a nutritionist and a life coach offer an unique three-pronged approach to cleanse the body and mind, and look ahead to the future.

All six must confront their demons before it's too late. For each of them, they've reached The Last Resort.

Series 1 features top Clinical Psychologist Dr Raman Kapur, nutritionist Amanda Hamilton and life coach Anne McDonald.

Series 2 features Dr Raman Kapur, nutritionist Karen Devine and life coach Gillian Killen.