Nazi War Machines: Secrets Uncovered

More 4 (4 x 60')

Eminent WWII historian James Holland gets inside the Nazi war machine. Travelling across Europe he explores the extraordinary machines they produced, and uncovers rare archive to understand who built them, how they evolved, and why their technically brilliant designs were militarily flawed.

Ep1: The Luftwaffe
At the outbreak of World War II the Nazis had the finest airforce in the entire world. Just five years later it was a broken fighting force.

Ep 2: The Panzers
WWII historian James Holland uncovers the truth behind Hitler's feared Panzer divisions, from the inoffensive Panzer II to the enormous Tiger tank.

Ep 3: The U-Boats
WWII historian James Holland goes to the depths with the Wolf Packs - the force that threatened Britain's survival like no other.

Ep 4: The Guns
WWII historian James Holland tests out just how effective German weaponry was in battle conditions.