The War Next Door: Scotland and the Troubles

BBC Scotland (2 x 60 mins)

Winner of BAFTA Scotland 2020 News & Current Affairs award.

50 years since the beginning of the conflict, this new two part series hears the frank opinions and moving memories of Scottish people who were involved in the Troubles.

Episode 1:

Scottish soldiers are deployed in Northern Ireland as part of Operation Banner; gelignite and IRA documents are found in a chapel house in Possilpark; an explosion seriously damages a hall in Bridgeton and three off duty Scottish soldiers are shot dead by the Provisional IRA. This programme looks at Scotland’s role in the troubles told by the people who were there.

Episode 2:

The IRA attack Shetland; a major bombing campaign is planned from Glasgow; campaigners in Dumfries and Galloway protest against the manufacture of plastic bullets; and Scottish soldiers reflect on their experience of the Warrenpoint bomb and the 1981 Hunger strike.