UKTV Style (15 x 30 mins)

Join Scrubbers, Michael Holmes and Jo de Sylva, as they turn manky homes and cluttered lives into streamlined, oh so sparkly lifestyle spaces. A declutter entertainment format.

If you've lived in one place for more than five years you're probably blind to the mess but you'll recognise it: a home decaying with tattered sofas, peeling walls, cluttered cupboards, crooked pictures, faded throws, sloppy DIY, dirty surfaces, stained carpets and broken shelves. We're all so busy that we've no time to clean, care for or restore our properties. But imagine how much better our homes would be to live in, if restored to their original state, to that sparkling time when you first moved in?

In each episode Scrubbers takes on another family home in need of a physical and psychological makeover. Led by property / life-skill experts Michael Holmes & Jo de Sylva, can the recovery team resurrect dirty, cluttered, broken and tired homes into sparkling, tidy, invigorating lifestyle spaces?