How to Find a Husband

UKTV Style (10 x 60 mins)

How To Find A Husband is a constructed documentary format following one woman's extraordinary 'love safari' through the UK as she searches for Mr Right.

Meet single, thirty-something TV presenter, Sally Gray. She's witty, stylish, intelligent and beguiling: so why can't she find a husband? At the end of this series that could all change...

Sally is putting herself on the line for all the single girls out there. She's called her agent, given up her day job and thrown her work diary away. It's time to get down to some serious husband hunting. Sally will leave no man un-checked, no stone unturned, as she embarks on the mother of all personal missions. This is the single-girl-next-door's cupid quest to modern dating issues in Britain.

It's the most exciting, exhaustive, informative and exciting TV dating bible ever created. Sally is up for the latest speed dating, toy boy road tests, jumping head-first into the opposites attract theory, bolt and screw parties, the rigours of long distance and darkness dating, love gurus, psychological profiling, relationship therapy and she's even willing to track down her first unrequited love and try again.

It's all in the name of love and she'll stop at nothing until she's walking down the aisle with the chime of wedding bells ringing in her ears. By embarking on her 'husband project', Sally knows that it's going to be a life changing experience. She's going to have to bare her soul, exposing her insecurities and weaknesses, and questioning the deep moral fibre that she holds so dear. Her questions are ones familiar to the quintessential modern woman: 'why does she want a husband at all?' 'Does the traditional fairytale still exist?' 'How loud is her biological clock?' 'Will my friends and family approve?' 'Do age gaps really matter?' 'What if there is no such thing as Mr Right?' 'Are men threatened by success?' 'Is it wrong to rush things?' 'What is love for me?'